KB-1336 Image will not display if size is not set to "STANDARD"


When creating an interface that displays an image, the following code will display the image properly:

a!imageField( images: { a!documentImage( document: todocument(199179) ) } )

Alternatively, if a size parameter is set to a value other than "STANDARD"

a!imageField( size: "SMALL", images: { a!documentImage( document: todocument(199179) ) } )

The image will display as the broken image icon:


This issue can occur when an image is modified from its original format.


If the original extension of the image is not compatible with Appian, modify the image to a different accepted extension. For example, if an .eps file converted to a .jpg is throwing this error, convert the .eps file to a .png extension instead. 

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last reviewed: April 2017