KB-1432 Blank items in Knowledge Center


When navigating to a Knowledge Center page from designer, users encounter items listed that have no names and appear to be blank items. For example,


This can happen when documents are added or moved directly to the Knowledge Center, instead of a folder. Knowledge Centers should only contain folders and folders should contain documents.


  1. Deploy the Custom Content Functions plug-in.
  2. Navigate to the parent of the problematic Knowledge Center, select the checkbox of the problematic Knowledge Center, click Properties in the toolbar, and copy the Knowledge Center ID.
  3. Create an expression rule, with a rule input ri!kcId of type Number (Integer). Run the following expression where kcId is the ID from the previous step: getdocumentsfromfolder(ri!kcId,false). This will give you a list of IDs of the documents directly under the Knowledge Center that should not be in that location.
  4. Create a process model with a Move Document node.
  5. Create a process variable called pv!docToMove of type Document and set it as a parameter.
  6. In the "Document" input, set the value as pv!docToMove.
  7. In the "Destination" input, select the destination folder you would like the document to live in, e.g. Temporary Documents folder.
  8. Create a start form for this process so that you can provide the document to move in the start form. The start form should contain a rule input ri!docToMove and should be of type Document.
  9. Save and publish the process model.
  10. Start a new instance of this process.
  11. Provide the ID of the document to move that was determined in step 3 and submit the form.
  12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for each document to be moved from step 3. You can also configure the process model to use MNI and run once instance of "Move Document" per passed document ID.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: December 2017