KB-1491 500 errors in WebLogic access logs accompanied by end user blank screens


Users experience blank pages that never load in Tempo. If the page is refreshed or the tab/window is closed and reopened, the page is no longer blank. 

When the issue occurs, errors similar to the following 500 errors are printed in the WebLogic server access logs: - - [01/Feb/2018:13:17:25 +0000] "POST /enterprise_bpm/rest/a/task/latest/145337/form HTTP/1.1" 500 104 - - [01/Feb/2018:14:20:13 +0000] "POST /enterprise_bpm/rest/a/uicontainer/latest/wJV9zQ/view HTTP/1.1" 500 104 - - [01/Feb/2018:14:20:18 +0000] "POST /enterprise_bpm/rest/a/uicontainer/latest/wJV9zQ/view HTTP/1.1" 500 104 - - [01/Feb/2018:16:12:59 +0000] "POST /enterprise_bpm/rest/a/model/latest/2279/form HTTP/1.1" 500 104


The issue is with the Apache mod_wl plugin. Oracle has acknowledged that there are issues with version of the plugin. 


Revert to a previous stable version of the mod_wl plugin (12.1.2). Alternatively, use a newer, patched version ( and later).

Affected Versions

This article affects versions 17.2 and later.

Last Reviewed: February 2018