KB-1531 Invoking a process model as a webservice fails when using Weblogic application server: 'Error loading WSDL. There was something wrong with the WSDL you are trying to import'


Users are unable to invoke an Appian process model exposed as a web service when using Weblogic as the application server. This same web service works as expected when used with JBoss as the application server.

The web service endpoint can be accessed directly in a web browser, but invoking it via SOAP UI gives an error of the following type:


The JVM arguments for WebLogic have been configured via the WebLogic Administration Console.

Weblogic has been observed to not pick up changes in the JVM arguments done through the WebLogic Administration Console.


Review the Configure JVM Settings documentation page to fix this issue by adding the JVM arguments via the start up script.

Affected Versions

This issue applies to all versions of Appian using Weblogic application server.

Last Reviewed: March 2018