Automated Import Manager (AIM) Client


This utility automates the process of inspecting the application, executing DDL scripts, updating CDTs, republishing the appropriate datastores, and importing the application.

With the Automated Import Manager Client, users can automatically deploy applications and package contents (either applications from Appian OR packages generated from the Automated Versioning Manager) to any environment. This utility provides the scripts that support triggering deployments from an external CI tool or deploy from the command line.

Key Features & Functionality

Automated Import Manager:

  • Inspect Application: This tool will automatically mimic the "Inspect" functionality that exists within Appian
  • Validating Application Content: In addition to inspecting the application, the tool will ensure all CDT dependents are included to avoid objects pointing to older versions. (This feature is only available on Appian 7.9 and above)
  • Execute DDL Scripts: DDL scripts can be uploaded and automatically executed. NOTE: For Microsoft SQL Server, only Transact-SQL statements are valid.
  • Execute Migrations with Flyway: Flyway is a tool used for managing database migrations. It makes it easier to track SQL script versions and not re-execute SQL scripts that have already been run. If a Flyway directory is provided, the Automated Import Manager will automatically execute migrations against the corresponding datasource. Learn more about Flyway here.
  • Update CDTs: Users are no longer required to delete CDTs before updating them, this tool will perform this step automatically
  • Import Application and admin console configuration: Automatically import an application with an optional customization file
  • Republish Datastores: After application import, datastores will be automatically published or republished
  • Add Patches: Automatically add patch contents to a specified existing application

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Note: This utility does not support Java version 9.0.