ACE - Citizen Engagement Platform


Public Sector organizations need to reach their constituents in timely, reliable, and traceable fashion. At the same time, different departments or agencies require different modes of communication depending on the reason for the notification. ACE brings together email, SMS, and other channels into one centralized management interface in a single solution built by Vision Point Systems

Key Features & Functionality

ACE provides a unique combination of allowing centralized management of your entire organization's communications needs, while at the same time allowing each department or agency to have their own visibility, privacy, and billing management. ACE's communications capabilities are powered by Twilio - including Twilio messaging for SMS, and Twilio Sendgrid for email.

Organization administrators can create departments within ACE - which allows delegated assignment of phone numbers and email senders, and grants each department granular visibility into usage statistics and costs. Each department user can compose their own email templates using SendGrid's email designer.

ACE integrates with the organization's user management for enterprise-level control over access and security.

In addition to common distribution list creation methods such as manual upload or sign-up forms, ACE also allows integration with organization directories such as Azure AD for list source population.

ACE is designed to be scalable to support sending email and SMS to millions of end-users.

Benefits & Business Impact

ACE provides unprecedented control, visibility, and interoperability for a broadcast messaging platform, at a cost-efficient price point suited for public sector agencies of all sizes.