Ad-Hoc Process Framework


KPMG's Ad-Hoc Process Framework empowers business users to quickly and easily, with no IT intervention, configure and deploy simple business processes. These unstructured “ad-hoc” processes are the numerous small processes throughout an organization that often go unnoticed. Combined, they can represent up to 75% of the total number of processes within your organization and usually consume up to 60% of employee working time. By combining Appian’s award-winning enterprise low code automation platform and KPMG’s experience in managing ad-hoc processes, we have developed the KPMG Ad-Hoc Framework Solution to help companies like yours control and manage these processes. This solution dramatically accelerates the implementation of BPM projects, empowers business users to take control of these processes, gives you visibility into a real organizational blindspot and helps you save time and money by addressing ad-hoc processes’ inefficiency head-on.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Authoring and Configuration
    • A utility designed to be easily used by a business user to configure and deploy an Ad-hoc process in a matter of minutes. It includes drag & drop dynamic forms, SLA Management and integration with document management systems.
  • Process Search and Monitoring:
    • A search engine for the existing process instances to view the details of each instance to execute or re-assign tasks.
  • Performance Dashboards for Real-Time Monitoring:
    • A set of dashboards that enables business people to monitor, measure and control key activities and processes with real-time information.
  • Discovery and Process Improvement Analytics:
    • A tool to perform process discovery using real process information for continuous process improvement. This feature allows business owners to understand how their organization behaves, finding the “happy path” of the process, its deviations and possible outliers.
  • Administration Console:
    • Technical support console that enables support and deployment teams to easily perform some of the more frequently required operational tasks.

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