Amazon S3 Utilities

The Amazon S3 Utilities Plug-in leverages the Amazon AWS Java API to connect with Amazon S3 to store and retrieve files.  

The following smart services are included:

  • Upload documents to AWS S3
  • Download documents from AWS S3
  • Create Folders in AWS S3
  • Delete documents from AWS S3

The plug-in also includes a function:

  • getPreSignedURLForS3 that generates a V4 pre signed url that expires after 5s. This allows for a short term access grant to a secured resource. It can be used in a WebAPI object to redirect a user from Appian to a resource on S3.

Amazon S3 Utilities supports the following Amazon S3 features:


Note:  The plug-in requires Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files when using client side encryption.



The Appian Secure Credential Store is leveraged for the credentials to integrate with Amazon S3. Before executing the plug-in, create an new secure credential store with the following 3 attributes.  These values are obtained from Amazon AWS IAM console.

  • accesskeyid: this is the access key id for connecting to AWS S3
  • accesskeysecret: this is the access key secret for connecting to AWS S3
  • kmscmkid: this attribute is only required if using AWS Client Side Encryption