Appcino's CRM on Appian - Field Service


Appcino's CRM Field Service module, a part of Appcino's CRM on Appian suite, enables organizations to have a system for advanced work order management.  Get more done, and have more organized teamwork by planning, executing the plan and help meet your customer expectations with a one stop powerful customer and work orders 360-degree view.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Instantly book service appointments with customers and convert them to work orders for the application.
  • Optimizes assignment using intelligent assignment algorithms by assigning work orders to the right field service agents at first place based on time, skills, locations, etc., resulting in increased agent productivity.
  • Manage work orders from any mobile devices by planning each of your field service agent’s day guided with detailed steps required to perform the work orders using different AI-powered algorithms
  • Provides actionable information for better business decisions by giving the back operations team and field agents transparency and full visibility into on-field agent performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Create work orders from any case
    • Back operations team and case agents can seamlessly convert cases coming from customers of service requests to work orders and tracking the real-time progress of work orders individually as well on cases.
  • Real-time work order tracking
    • Provide a holistic view of all work orders and jobs assigned to the field service agents sorted on its own automatically for field service agents. All the necessary details such as customer site, distance from current location, and type of work can be seen from this view enabling them to prepare them for the day in the right way.
  • Rich work order dashboard
    • Provides a comprehensive work order dashboard available for field agents on mobile. Every work order dashboard offers agents the details around that work order on a single page
  • Schedule more jobs into a work day
    • Full visibility of all field service agents available for every day of the year. Which days, weeks, months of a year is most occupied with customer service requests for your field agents. The new calendar and timeline charts present the sequential ordering of work orders in field service agents with the capability to view and navigate to the respective scheduled work orders and its dashboard directly from the calendar and timeline view.
  • Customer 360 view offers a single view for all customer details along with all historical and scheduled jobs.
  • Mobile inventory management fives the ability to access inventories required to perform upcoming jobs at a view.
  • Powerful insights & analytics for all historic and open work orders

 Appcino's CRM on Appian Suite is a 2019 AppMarket Award Winner