Appcino's CRM on Appian - Marketing

This Marketing module is part of Appcino's CRM on Appian suite.  It provides functionality in three (3) key areas:


Campaign plays an essential role for marketers to create new customers, understand your customers and engage with them across every channel: email, social, web, and mobile. Automate and manage every campaign, publish content, analyse results, and optimize as you go.

  • Build a mailing list and create an audience for each campaign.
  • Segment your business contacts by geography and other factors.
  • Design email content using Content Studio, using pre-designed templates or quickly create from scratch.
  • Plan, schedule and send an email campaign.
  • Analyze campaign reports using data to learn about audience behavior and improve email open-rates.
  • Integrates with the Appcino's CRM - Sales module to automatically generate lists from your current business contacts.

Content Studio

Content Studio provides a rich content editing experience in Appian and allows for the creation of an organization’s content library. It saves the templates as HTML and also generates a lightweight preview image that can be saved in the Appian Document Center and shown as needed.

  • Create professional templates and categorize them like emails, quotes, proposals, invoices and receipts.
  • Provides all the basic rich text editor capabilities like indentation, alignments and formatting.

Social Media Management (SMM)

SMM is a time saving, secure and intelligent tool for marketing and brand management teams to monitor feeds, generate potential leads and submit content on Twitter.

  • Link multiple Social Media Accounts and configure pages to easily manage feeds from one single dashboard.
  • Create posts on Twitter using a simple interface.
  • Configure BOT to use Amazon's Comprehend for understanding incoming feeds and automatically take relevant actions (e.g. lead creation, negative review management, task assignment)

 Appcino's CRM on Appian Suite is a 2019 AppMarket Award Winner