CRM - Sales


Xebia’s CRM Sales on the leading low code platform Appian is a part of Xebia's CRM suite which enables organizations to intelligently and efficiently manage customer relationships from lead generation, sell to service, resulting in revenue growth, happy customers, increased efficiency, and transparency. Automating the entire sales process from lead generation to winning opportunities and finally executing them to the commitments. A unified view of your customers orchestrating across systems to create a single source of truth and taking relevant actions.

It enables your organization to quickly configure the organization hierarchy, easily manage the access across applications, effortlessly automate business-specific processes and seamlessly manage the business contacts and communications.  This results in ultimately enabling leadership with a unified view of all the key data points they need for well-informed decision making and growth strategies.

The solutions solves the following challenges:

  • Inefficient, non-integrated and rigid CRM systems ultimately hurting the business revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • No intelligence and learning to avoid similar mistakes in the sales process.
  • Inaccurate and segregated data in multiple information silos, with no unified view of your customer's key data points that are needed to make well-informed decisions. Simply missing Customer 360 - leading to less revenue and hurting customer relationships.
  • Loss of time & transparency in operations due to manual processes.
  • Difficult to implement business-specific processes and automation workflows. Leading to a lot of inefficiencies in business operations.
  • Lacks management & tracking of tasks and communications, resulting in loss of productivity, and missed opportunities & SLA’s

Key Features & Functionality

Business Contacts (Leads, Contacts, Customers) Management and Customer 360

  • Unified & integrated view of all key data points, interactions, and activities being performed across business contacts.
  • 360 views of Leads, Contacts, and Customers to review and action on all the relevant information.
  • Create and pin notes, manage documents and sign contracts, and much more.

Opportunity and Quote Management

  • Bird's eye view of the opportunity pipeline to manage opportunities, including 360 views of each opportunity.
  • Learn from the past by intelligently identifying similar opportunities and aggregating the learnings.
  • Competitor Analysis to empower the team to strategize considering their strengths & weaknesses.

Tasks, Activities and Workflows Management

  • Execute automation by quickly configuring workflows just by point and click!
  • Schedule and manage tasks with notifications and due date reminders.
  • Calendar view for everything upcoming.

Campaigns Management

  • Segment and Management Lists, Execute Campaigns, define budgets, track ROI, and track campaigns progress.

Email Integration and Communications Management

  • Integrate with Outlook to automatically send and receive emails directly from the customer dashboard.
  • Configure email templates for standard communications.
  • Host all interactions within the relevant Business Contact dashboard.

Real-Time Analytics and Actionable Dashboards

  • Real-time dashboards for a 360-degree view of all critical activities including overall business performance.
  • Unified actionable interface to accomplish everything needed to sell and manage customer relationships.
  • Segmenting contacts, leads, customers, and revenue on geographical view.

Tailor it to work the way you want

  • Configure everything you need to set up your CRM and get it up and running from day 1.
  • Organization hierarchy, application access, products & services, price books, T&C’s, email templates, auto-notifications, workflows & approvals, and much more.

Benefits & Business Impact

  • Increased revenue, efficiency, and Customer Relationship!
  • Increases Agility and Time to market.
  • Increased productivity and operational efficiency with intelligent automation.
  • Increased team mobility as everything is mobile-ready.
  • Power of Appian Low code and Appian leadership in Case Management gives BPM approach to your CRM and makes sure increased agility and flexibility with 360 automation.
  • Bring people, data & processes together to remove silos, providing an organized, unified & integrated platform to operate in.
  • Improved decision-making with information-driven analytics, unified 360-degree views, and dashboards.
  • Automate the redundant processes and enable the team to spend time and resources on more impactful tasks and improving efficiency.
  • Not creating technical debt for your organization considering it is built on the leading low-code & future-ready platform Appian.

 Xebia's CRM on Appian Suite is a 2019 AppMarket Award Winner