Appian Solutions Plug-in

Plug-in with functions and smart services to be used across Appian Solutions.

This plug-in contains 7 functions and 2 smart services used across Solutions.


  • loadBundlePropertiesFile(_bundleFolder, locale, bundleNames_) - Loads bundle properties files and returns the result as a dictionary of key-value pairs
  • loadManifestFile(_manifestDocument_) - Loads a manifest file and returns the result as a dictionary of key-value pairs
  • readDocumentContent(_txtFile_) - Reads text from a document and returns the text as string
  • readExcelImportFile(_excelDocument, sheetNumber, startRow, numberOfColumns_) - Reads an Excel import file and returns the data as a dictionary
  • getPMDetailsByUuid(_processModelUuid_) - A function to provide process model details
  • doesRuleExist(_ruleName_) - A function that returns true if a rule by that name exists, otherwise false
  • ruleReferenceByName(_ruleName_) - A function that returns a reference to the rule of the given name

Smart Services

  • Create Bundle Properties File - Creates or updates a bundle properties file
  • Copy Document - Copies a document
  • Appian Start Stop Automation Whitepaper.docx

    Previously due to the WIndows update and System maintainance Appian server got down after server restart, one of the persons from support team must check the Appian server and start Windows services manually and for this activity minimum 1 Hr time required for tire 0 production server until admin take appropriate measures, to avoid it we have written the automation script it will up the Appian server automatically when system gets restarted.