Applicant Tracker


Convedo's Applicant Tracker is a useful HR tool for companies to be able to manage applications received from potential employees in their hiring process.  This application will help managers and HR to track applicants within different stages of their hiring process and will improve communication with applicants. Furthermore the versatility of this application will give users the ability to customise their application process, as well as providing a built in way to execute tasks. It allows users to quickly access all individual applications and make decisions regarding the progression of each applicant and enables fast communication with applicants using e-mails with ease.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Quick view of applications: Users can view all submitted applications and see all information such as personal details, CV, cover letter, tests and video interviews. Users can view the status of each applicant during your company's hiring process and the respective roles they have applied for.
  • Make decisions on applications: Users will have the ability to make decisions progressing an applicant to a specific stage in their company's hiring process such as Accepting, Declining and Waitlist applicants.
  • Applicant Progression: Manually enter an application for a job role and progress them towards the final stage of the hiring process.
  • Automated Notifications: All users in the application and external applicants receive email notifications relevant to their progress in the hiring process.
  • Create custom e-mail templates: Users will be able to add and edit e-mail templates for each decision which can automatically compose an email to send applicants when a decision has been made.
  • Document Management: Utilising the Google Drive Integration users can create and manage files for the video interview and test stages.
  • Manage Job Roles: Users will be able to add new job roles and edit existing job role descriptions to create vacancies which can be opened or closed.
  • Customizable: Users can easily integrate third party systems used withing their hiring process such as assessment software and video interview software.
  • Interview Bookings: Book Interviews easily and keep track dates using the calendar.