Automation Anywhere 10.X

Tech Tammina's Automation Anywhere Smart Service Plug-in helps in running Bots directly from Appian. This Plug-in mainly helps clients who have Automation Anywhere 10.X Version Bot Runner licenses.

This Plug-in utilizes the following AA Control Room APIs :

  • Authentication API – This will be used to authenticate the Control Room credentials
  • Deployment API – This will be used to deploy Bots onto the Bot Runners. Note:This Plug-in does not support Automation Anywhere versions greater than 10.x.
  • Allows designers to run a bot directly from Appian.
  • Supports Appian 18.2 version onwards.
  • Supports Automation Anywhere 10.X.
  • Uses Appian's default Secure Credentials for storing the Automation Anywhere's
    1. Authentication URL
    2. Deployment URL
    3. Bot Runner - Username
    4. Bot Runner - Password
  • Plug and Play Smart Service Component