AVIO Rebate App

Distributors and large consumer goods retailers frequently utilize partner channels to sell products. These channels will regularly include incentives and rebates to help move the products to end customers. Traditionally, the management of rebates has been an error-prone, manual process, often consisting of emails, Excel files and Word documents passed around for signatures. The AVIO Rebate App is designed to support and automate the process of onboarding customers into individualized rebate programs, beginning with a mobile-ready app for salespeople to submit new rebate programs for a customer, the approval for these programs, and on through to the validation that all program requirements are met before payout to customers. By providing a mobile-ready solution that highlights a customer’s historical sales data, salespeople can set rebate targets, and sales leaders are enabled to incent their channel partners. Executives gain visibility and are included in the approval process via the app as well, making this a far better user experience than emails and files.

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Create new rebate programs
    • Set up programs for your customers
  • Manage Rebate Programs
    • Track the status of a rebate program, are goals being met
  • Automated Alerts
    • Reminder emails to those involved that they have pending tasks
  • Generate Contracts
    • Generate a PDF contract for sign-off
  • Consistent Approval Process
    • Eliminate the guesswork by ensuring all program approvals progress through a standardized process
    • Field level data validations ensure application data integrity
  • Historic Trend Summary
    • Simplify the analysis of the past year’s revenue generation by-product, thereby enabling the salesperson to quickly create a rebate program for an upcoming period using charts, graphs, and other visuals
  • Mobile Ready
    • Field enable the creation of rebates and push it to the front lines where the relationship with the channel partner lives
  • Workflow Automation
    • Check approvals against predefined business criteria