Barcode and QR Code Utilities


This Plug-in allows you to generate and decode Barcodes or QR codes in an Appian application.  It is designed for use with Appian’s mobile photo upload capabilities.

Example uses:

  • Take photo of a Barcode or QR code with your mobile device or use an image of one, and decode it in an Appian process
  • Generate a Barcode or QR code as part of a process, to embed in an invoice or cover sheet

Key Features & Functionality

The plug-in includes 2 Smart Services (Generate Bar Code, Generate QR Code) and a custom function (Read Bar/QR Code).

All services use the Google ZXING (Zebra Crossing) library — see the documentation page for a list of barcode types supported.

  • Hi,

    We have added this plugin to 23.1 Appian on-premise installation but unable to find barcode plugin on Admin console plugins page.

    Also unable to find any smart service in Process modeler.

    Kindly help us to identify if we missed anything from following:

    1- We have downloaded barcode-and-qr-code-utilities-1.1.0.jar file

    2- copy it to _admin\plugins folder

    3- Restart tomcat and even restart complete environment but unable to find barcode smart services

  • it works with 23.2 but QR code doesnt show ARABIC characters correctly, ARABIC characters are shown as ??????

    Kindly response

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