Benefits Coverage Manager

Health plans often configure, review, and manage complex benefit plans in MS Excel and Word which introduces inefficiencies in the process of creating, reviewing, and approving these plans in a timely manner.  These inefficiencies can lead to delays in bringing plans to market, filing plans with the appropriate state and federal entities, and can impact sales and enrollment activities, all of which may require additional manual efforts to meet these time sensitive milestones in the plan's life-cycle.

Benefits Coverage Manager (BCM) by Bits In Glass streamlines and helps build efficiencies for administrators and consumers of individual and group plan data by providing a central source of truth for benefit managers to create, manage, and review plan designs.

BCM organizes the data into a centralized platform, making it consumable by other systems and enabling health plans to distribute coverage information quickly and effectively while supporting vital downstream activities such as:

  • Plan sales and member enrollment
  • Federally required document generation and distribution
  • Claim pricing and payment
  • Financial forecasting and analysis

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Creation and updates of Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, and Vision plan designs
  • Ability to copy plans
  • Creation of custom plans from existing plans
  • Association of multiple plans within a Bundle
  • Creation and management of Plan Services and Plan Cost Share minimum/maximum values
  • Bulk updating of plan details across multiple plans
  • Version tracking of plans and restoration of plan details from previous versions
  • Generation of CMS compliant coverage calculation outputs via the Blue Prism plug-in