BiAB - Business Instant App Builder


BiAD by Infosys is focused on enabling business users to self-automate small business applications through a fully configurable, business driven, guided App builder. Business users can automate applications which are currently manual, unstructured, disjointed and hence are not being prioritized due to various reasons. The BiAB framework can be applied for many use cases across various domains. Business users can create new programs, identify departments for those programs, create user screen flows, and designate workflow steps.

  • Business can conceive, design, implement, maintain and use the solution built using this App Builder
  • No IT dependency hence  can save on cost and time
  • Good starting point for a large program
  • Can be used as a prototype to fast track the development
  • No upfront investment of starting a new project

Key Features & Functionality

  • Business users can define Program, Departments / Roles, Screen Flows and Workflow Steps
  • The screen flow / steps are reusable and can be used in other programs too.
  • Business users can define UI fields with type, validation, visibility, layout & dependencies. The current version supports: Text, Number / Decimal, Date, Paragraph, Documents, Checkboxes, Dropdowns, currencies & Radio Buttons field types.
  • Business users can use preconfigured templates for creating the UI fields
  • Business users can also Import Excel with all the field names, type etc. and this solution will build the user interface for the same
  • Business users can define Workflow Steps, Sequence and Dispositions
  • The designated business users will be responsible for doing the data entry, review and Approve the work
  • The reviewers can enter the comments and upload required documents
  • The approvers can review the work, add comments, send the work back for correction (which will restart the workflow) and approve / reject the work
  • All the users will have complete visibility of the work item through audit trails, workflow history and intuitive milestones available in two entity backed records i.e. one for customer and other for programs
  • There are drill-able reports which help business users in better decision making
  • Related actions available to modify customer records and programs
  • Ad-hoc email communication channels are available with pre-filled information