Browser Scraper - Appian News

Use Appian RPA to scrape content from the web with Selenium. This robotic process automates the browser of your choice IE, Firefox, Chrome and navigates to Appian’s Press Release page, grabs the content, and sends the data to an Appian Application.


  • Opens browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Navigates to URL
  • Scrapes list items
  • Send data to Appian with Low Code Start Process RPA Action


  • Browser - Chrome v.80, IE, Firefox
  • Can be run on Linux 64 bit, Mac, Windows
  • All webdriver support files can be found at the links below. If you have a different version of Chrome, or different Linux OS then please swap out the default webdriver support files included in the Bot configuration for your own.


GeckoDriver (firefox):


IE may require certain browser Security settings please see the answer here