Bt Customer Experience Management

The Baker Tilly Customer Experience Management application brings visibility of all the commercial interactions within an organization by managing and tracking every opportunity, client and related activity.

The information generated in the BT CXM is used to aggregate data and produce meaningful reports to make sound data-driven decisions. For ease of use, documents can be uploaded, and appointments can be scheduled within the application so users have control of their business activity and the application can serve as their sole tool for managing their work.

Key Features:

  • Client Management: Members of the sales team can add new leads and business opportunities associated to them.
  • Activity Tracking: Every interaction with a client or an opportunity can be registered and rated to obtain an overall relationship score.
  • Business Appointments: Sellers can schedule and keep track of their business appointments.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Marketing Team can create campaigns and customize its targets based on filters defined by the user. Marketing campaigns can be launched in social media from Appian.
  • Sales Goals: Sales Leaders can set goals for the year and particular goals for each of their sellers. They can also monitor the team performance, consolidated real and potential sales.
  • Customized View: The application is designed with 3 types of users, each with their customized site and access to different features: Sales Leaders (Managers), Producers (Sellers) and Marketing (Campaign creators).
  • Report Generation: Visualize the business activity in your organization