Business Process Mining

Organizations often struggle to visualize how their different business processes are performing. Are they able to achieve high ROI in business with all of their resources investments in these processes? This application is built on the Appian Platform and provides functionality for organizations to visualize and analyze their processes.

It solves the following key business problems:

  • High manual efforts are required for large-scale business operations process identification and mapping all the possible process variations and exceptions.
  • Most of the business stakeholders or in IT are not aware of the actual "as-is" business processes, deviations from target processes, bottlenecks and resources-cost drivers. These can eventually cause projects to fail in the organization.
  • Lack of transparency can also cause projects in the organization to fail and result in organizations having an "all-is-well" syndrome.

Key Features:

  • The application is generic enough and can be factored to work across verticals for different business processes and milestones.
  • Sits on top of any of your existing or future applications on Appian.
  • Using the numerous data points generated by applications actions, our process mining engine uncovers the bottlenecks and deviations within the operational processes and provides the information needed to make the required operational changes.
  • Provides key insights about any deviations from the expected paths of any business processes. Additionally, the application also identifies the root cause of such deviations and thus make the process cost-effective for the organization.
  • Helps users predict upcoming events, timelines, or expected cost based on historical analysis on past requests actioned upon by different users on different business processes.
  • Any change published in any request at milestones level helps you to compare the current versions with any of the past ones, identify what's changed, and drive if any current outcome is on the right path of optimization and better customer experience.
  • With detailed process insights and discovery, organizations can easily track the revenue or cost incurred/spent on business processes, therefore helping them to cut down any costs where possible.
  • Provides rich and high user interactive process requests dashboards for process mining and discovery. The decisive questions are answered using powerful KPIs and analytics offered the application.