Calendar Display Component

The Groundswell Calendar Display, powered by ToastUI, gives designers the ability to quickly have a modern calendar display in their sites and dashboards with the simplicity of a single component. The dense, versatile display supports different calendar views with styling matching your site’s accent color. Example interfaces and utility rules are attached, which demonstrate usage and features of the component.

Key Functionality and Features
  • Display an array of events in Daily, Weekly, or Monthly format. Toggle days and weeks using an input parameter.
  • Automatic timezone shifting. All provided events display in the timezone of your browser. Datetimes must be provided to component in GMT.
  • Multiple language support. Currently supports US English (en-US) and Spanish (es).
  • Supports different date formats via a parameter.
  • Supports a detailed event pop-up of time, title, attendees, location, and event description.
  • Allows event selection, should you want to edit an event or display details in addition to, or in lieu of, the detailed pop-up view.
  • More details available in attached resources and sample application