Check Object Existence


This function helps in situations where the designer or developer has to act upon an Appian object (e.g. Document, Folder, Community, Knowledge Center).  Before doing any operations on the Appian object this function can be used to check whether the object exists.

Syntax: isObjectExists(typeOfObject, objectId)

Returns true or false based on the existence of the Appian object

  • since this is 6 months ago, u probably wont need it, but anyway.. ur giving a null value in the document() function or so it says, might wanna check that weird rule isNotEmpty() ur using, im saying 'weird' cuz why not just use isNotNullOrEmpty() function instead?

  • I was able to correct the issue by first checking for null or empty values in the variable and then by casting using tointeger. For some reason, returning a Document type as a value from a query will return the Document number, but will cause isobjectexists to fail, because a Document is not Long (Number (Integer)), however, tointeger() will correctly cast to the Document number.

  •  can anyone help me with this? Thank You Smiley

  • Is this compatible with 21.4v of Appian Cloud?

    Threw this error yesterday:
    =isobjectexists("Document",pv!documentZIP) (Expression evaluation error at function 'isobjectexists': The passed parameter(s) are of the wrong type. Received the type com.appiancorp.common.xml.JaxbConversionException: JAXB was not able to produce a value for typed value TypedValue[it=3,v=[Document:533750]] as java class java.lang.Long.)

    And when I checked the following manually in an unnamed ER: 
    Then this returns true.

    Any suggestions, please?

    Thank you.

  • Short information:
    If you check for an ID and there is no object of the defined type with this Id, it will create a log entry.
    I tried this function to search for all groupIds in a system.
    Idea was: loop and enumerate all IDs and then return the ids which are existing. yeah....

    -> I made our tomcat crash as i was creating 5 GB and more in log files because most groupIds i was checking are not in Use -> log entry -> huge log size in a short time.

  • thank you so much for this plug-in! I'm really surprised that there isn't a "native" function that does this.  Solves a major issue I've had between different environments that have duplicated tables, but not duplicated folders/documents :)

  • awesome. thank you for you input here 

  • Just checking in to confirm this still apparently works fine in 20.2, and appears to be nice and snappy.