Content Tools

These functions extend Appian content and offer document/folder search, directory listing, and the ability to get/set the searchable attribute of a folder.

Functions are designed for and only work on Appian content, not the local filesystem. All search functions assume the root folder and all subfolders are searchable. Search functions will not return results contained within non-searchable objects.

All functions use the serviceContext of the user account executing the expression at runtime.

Data Types

  • contentSecurityRoleMap: CDT that backs the returnContentRoleMap function

Smart Services

  • Copy Document (Change Extension)
  • Delete Document Version
  • Delete Folder Contents
  • Delete Files Older Than
  • Delete Files Created Before
  • Remove Member From Folder Security
  • Inherit Security From Parent for Folder
  • Inherit Security from Parent for Document
  • Remove Member From KC Security
  • Delete Rule/Constant Versions
  • Set Folder Security
  • Create Document Version
  • Create expression rule
  • Update expression rule expression
  • Update expression rule parameters


  • getfoldersrequiringchangesapproval
  • getsubfoldersfromfolder
  • getdocumentsfromfolder
  • getdocumentinternalidsfromfolder
  • getfilesolderthandate: Get files older than a particular date
  • getfileslargerthansize: Get files larger than a particular size
  • finddocumentsbyname
  • getconstantorruleuuidbyname
  • findcontentbyattribute
  • getcontentdetailsbyuuid
  • getcontentdetailsbyinternalname
  • getcontentobjectdetailsbyid
  • getcontentobjectswithnumofversions: function to find rules or constants with a given number of versions. Useful to find out objects that can increase memory usage in the collaboration engine. See
  • getcontentobjectrevisionhistorydetails: Retrieves the revision history of a content object formatted as "[version id, date created, date updated, size, author]"
  • getconstantsfromfolder
  • getconstantsbyname
  • setfoldersearchability
  • getfoldersearchability
  • getdownloadersfromgroup
  • returncontentrolemap
  • getprocessmodeldetailsbyuuid
  • getrulereferencebyname
  • generateuuid