Citizen Benefits, Social Programs and Grants Management


Current government services have slow response times, complex processes, service issues, no online options, excessive forms, and lack of personalized services, which hinder the effectiveness of Citizens payment programs.

Our solution aims to address the following:

  • Manual, paper-based processes
  • Missing eligibility verification
  • Legacy and rigid portals
  • Delays and poor use experience
  • Inability to track and measure

Key Features & Functionality

Tech Mahindra’s Citizen Benefits, Social Programs and Grants Management Application is powered by the Appian low code platform to automate the end-to-end payment disbursement process for citizens, government agencies, and staff. The solution leverages a leading payment hub interface and their financial ecosystem that covers everything from assistance program set up to citizen application receipt, governmental institution approval processing, and payment deposit via different instruments – direct to debit, direct to account and prepaid wallet.

Benefits & Business Impact

Our features help automate the citizen registration, onboarding, application intake, eligibility verification, and payment components of the disbursement process. Utilizing the administration model feature, customizations for any type of welfare program can be made; for example, adding new application form entries or configuring program eligibility rules.

The key solution differentiation factors are

  • Improved intersection of public sector and fintech capabilities
  • Quicker time to value for application intake
  • Improved citizen experience and user interface
  • Faster for governments to pilot and launch a new welfare program
  • Efficient funds disbursement to eligible citizens
  • Better collaboration across the administration