Complaints Management


Financial institutions receive hundreds, or even thousands of feedback items from their customers each day. Frontline employee teams can struggle to understand the nuances and changing regulations that may categorize feedback that they receive as a Complaint with regulatory implications. Complaints Management (CMGT) takes care of this for you by using business rules that you can customize to fit your institution. The application automatically categorizes and prioritizes all customer feedback items.

CMGT also facilitates the resolution of all complaints through configurable task assignment that ensures every complaint is reviewed by the appropriate teams within your organization. Dynamic task due dates can be configured based on severity, priority, and regulatory considerations in order to drive your team to meet important deadlines.

Lastly, it can be difficult to achieve comprehensive reporting, or to view the history of individual complaints without a robust management application like CMGT. Details can be scattered across emails or siloed in systems that can’t share their data. CMGT allows for integration with your core systems as needed, and provides highly detailed audit history to see exactly how the case evolved over time, and who was involved. This collection of data is then aggregated to provide higher level reports that show trends over time, and help to respond to regulatory inquiries.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Intuitive portal for capturing customer feedback with minimal training
  • Configurable, business-rule driven categorization and prioritization of customer feedback that draws attention to the most urgent complaints
  • Automatic task assignment that ensures all relevant parties provide input on Complaints
  • Granular change tracking gives a complete complaint history that streamlines auditing
  • Customizable reporting options provide insight into trends that can improve customer experience

Benefits & Business Impact

  • Centralized system for managing customer complaints that can be integrated with other core systems as needed. Saves front-line employee time in learning and navigating multiple systems
  • Categorization, prioritization, and assignment reduces the likelihood of missing important deadlines for complaints
  • Audit history and reporting reduces regulatory risk by providing visibility that otherwise may not exist, or may take significant time to compile