Compliance Management

No matter the size or industry, regulatory compliance is challenging for all organizations and keeping track of the regulatory obligations that face your business isn’t always easy. Compliance obligations can be complex, need timely responses or data collection, and require the coordination of many different branches. Audits become an additional headache when evidence isn’t properly organized or centralized.

The Compliance Management solution by Zimpatica helps ensure compliance with the ever increasing number of regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA, SOC 2, NIST, and many more. The customized reminders will help prevent missed or forgotten evidence collection. The built-in evidence review allows the collection to be delegated out to more team members while restricting the review to more specialized users. The reminders also free up workers to focus on other tasks without worrying about forgetting evidence collection. Ultimately the impact is spending less time and energy on maintaining compliance with regulatory frameworks.

Key features and functionality:
  • Manage multiple frameworks from one dashboard
  • Identify component requirements within each framework
  • Map controls to one or more requirements
  • Reduce duplication by mapping the same control across frameworks
  • Delegate evidence collection and review to multiple users
  • Automate recurring task management with customized reminders
  • Export framework contents to aid in the audit process