Continuous Customer Recertification


The loan recertification process can be tedious, error-prone, and manual, leading to difficulty in maintaining service level agreements (SLAs) and ensuring that customers provide all required documents and data. The management team may also struggle to see an overall status of recertifications across the organization, while loan officers may be overwhelmed with busy work, preventing them from focusing on more complex and high-risk work.

Key Features & Functionality

Our solution focuses on Automation, Configuration, and Visibility by implementing the following features:

  • Customer portal: Our solution offers an authenticated customer portal that provides customers with a simple way to upload documents related to recertification and suggest updates to their personal information.
  • Admin dashboard: Our admin dashboard allows managers to configure the system to match the financial institution's specific needs, including information and documents collected, SLAs, and frequency of recertifications based on risk, product, and type.
  • Simple review workflow: Our solution offers a simple review workflow that enables loan officers to quickly review uploaded documents and ensure they meet recertification requirements.
  • Reports and insights: Various stats and graphics provide quick insight to both loan officers and managers so they can quickly understand the process health.

Benefits & Business Impact

Continuous Customer Recertification (CCR) allows financial institutions to process recertifications more quickly and with fewer errors. This frees up loan officers to focus on more complex and higher-risk cases while reducing overhead costs related to low-risk recertifications. The solution helps institutions better manage their portfolios and maintain compliance with regulations. With automated information and document collection through a customer portal, recertification turnaround times are greatly reduced, which results in improved customer satisfaction levels. By having access to complex reporting, managers can make better decisions regarding their portfolios and optimize their risk management strategies.

In conclusion, CCR is an excellent solution for financial institutions looking to streamline their recertification process. With its key features, benefits, and business impact, it offers a wide range of advantages, including cost savings, reduced errors, faster turnaround times, and improved customer satisfaction levels.