Contracts Manager

GxP Partners is pleased to offer Contracts Manager, an easy to use contract management solution that gives businesses complete control, collaboration, and auditability into their entire contract life cycle. GxP Partners Contract Manager grants companies the ability to automate and streamline the creation, storage and management of all types of contract documents, while maintaining best practice process and performance. The Contracts Manager application makes contract management easy with the ability to manually upload your existing contract documents, as well as simplifying the creation of new contracts by utilizing customizable contract templates and DocuSign integration to facilitate an easy to use, yet very powerful contract lifecycle management tool. No more misplacing or losing contracts, no more forgetting about important dates or renewals, no more wasted hours – let Contract Manager help you streamline your corporate contract management process.

Key Functionality and Features:
  • Complete View of Contracts and Contract Metadata
    • Provides holistic overview of contract templates, executed contracts, in-process contracts, and the workflows associated with them, including summary reporting by type of contract and value.
    • Provides the ability to mark contracts as confidential to limit viewing of sensitive information.
  • Template Creation
    • Create new documents using templates, which reduce time needed when creating new contracts and allowing faster interaction with potential customers and/or suppliers.
  • Fully DocuSign Integrated
    • Allow the signature process to be managed and completed electronically, resulting in faster completion times and reduced paper flow.
  • Automated Lifecycle Management and Reminders
    • Manage key contract dates for renewal and termination with the option for automatic system updates, email notifications and task assignment to key personnel.
  • Management of Contract Parties
    • Create and edit suppliers, vendors and clients for easy inclusion in a contract document.
  • Customizable
    • A user administration console allows you to customize the application to best suit your business needs.
  • Intuitive and Mobile-Enabled UI
    • Easy to use document management and user interface. Allows users easy navigation to retrieve and upload files from a laptop or mobile device.

“The Contract Management application has increased our productivity and allowed for easy storage and retrieval of all contracts we have on file.  Templated documents are not new, but this app is so much easier to use than others I have seen.  A few simple steps and the templated document is completely filled out.  In the contract’s file on the app any relevant expiration dates and pre-programmed reminders ahead of a contract’s expiration are stored as well so a renewal is done on time and a contract does not expire without the proper renewal.  The retrieval feature is so easy to use.  You can bring up previous contracts in a matter of seconds without any thought to remember where it was saved and under what name.  It saves so much time and makes us vastly more efficient in the management of our contracts.”
-- Jonathan Sistare, General Counsel at NuLife Med, LLC