Conveyance Management

According to research by data company Springboard, retail footfall has fallen by 65 percent when compared with figures from June 2020. With vendors and buyers more reluctant to meet face-to-face, the necessity to work, communicate and buy online has become the default for many and one which may not ever fully reverse back to previous levels of in-person interaction. How can law firms rapidly adapt to the changing business needs and deliver a seamless customer experience?

Most conveyancing firms have legacy case management solutions which are difficult to use, costly to change and do not support the requirements of a digital firm. These ‘out of the box solutions' offer little to no competitive advantage whilst employing outdated processes causing most companies to cut corners and find hasty workarounds for deficiencies in their internal systems.

The Conveyance Management solution by Low Code Minds allows conveyancers to focus on the complexities of the matter and offers the following features:

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Enhanced transparencies and reduced abortive sale: Conveyancing’s dashboard will provide a quick transparent view into the following enhancing the seller and buyer experience.
    • Fee earner dashboard
      1. Key milestones like Contracts exchanged and completed w.r.t seller and buyer.
      2. Cancelled/abortive sales details to identify the bottlenecks and cater for in future
      3. Summary view of the sellers and their respective buyer’s
    • Operations dashboard:
      1. Productivity of the conveyancers with a view to all open seller and buyer matters and any delays in the entire lifecycle of conveyancing.
    • Real time Client dashboard
      1. Real time status of all their matters
      2. Collaboration with Fee earner using chat feature
      3. Uploading of documents directly rather than sending via email
  • Conveyancing focused
    • Automatic and dynamic document generation and Docusign abilities enable the conveyancers, solicitors to quickly complete the documentation process and not spend more time on manual tasks.
  • Data ready and improved time to completion:
    • Real time data from EPC Reports, HM Land registry, auto calculation of balances, enabling the sellers to be ready for any enquiries from the buyer’s solicitors, reducing considerable conveyancing times.
  • Volume conveyancing and compliance to conveyancing regulations:
    • Bulk upload feature to enable matter creation and quick set up for multiple buyers and enabling a customized solution based on your firm’s value proposition.