Corousel Slider Field


It can be used in a variety of use cases such as:

  • Product Showcase: E-commerce websites often use carousels to display featured products, promotions, or bestsellers on their homepage. Each slide can represent a different product with an image, title, and price.
  • Testimonials: For websites, particularly those of businesses or service providers, a carousel can be employed to cycle through customer testimonials, reviews, and success stories. This provides social proof and builds trust.
  • News or Blog Highlights: Carousels are effective for summarizing and highlighting recent news articles or blog posts. Each slide can feature a headline, an image, and a brief excerpt.
  • Featured Content: Carousels are an excellent way to showcase featured content or articles on a news or magazine website. It helps draw attention to specific stories.

Key Features & Functionality

This Component Plug-in includes the following components:

  • Carousel Slider Field: This flexible component displays and manages configurable carousels with multiple slides, each featuring a title and description. Users can explore and interact with a collection of content using navigation controls or gestures.
  • Carousel Image Slider Field: This complementary component offers an enlarged view of the current slide with titles of other slides displayed below. It enhances the user's ability to focus on one item at a time while providing previews of upcoming content in the carousel.