Corporate Conference Booking

The Corporate Conference Booking application utilizes the Appian platform supports for the efficient use of meeting rooms for an organization. It allows users to add conference rooms, book meetings, extend and cancel meetings and provides reporting on yearly and monthly occupancy.  Attendees receive Outlook notifications along with a Zoom meeting link once a meeting is booked in any available conference room.  

Key Features and Functionality:

  • An administrator dashboard provides information on the number of rooms, new meetings, today’s meetings, ongoing meetings, finished meetings, cancelled meetings and a calendar view with events.
  • Administrators can add a conference room.
  • Based on time slot provided any user can book a conference room and send a meeting invite to both Appian and non-Appian attendees which will block their calendar in Outlook as per the schedule.  Attendees can also accept/decline meeting invite.
  • Host of a particular meeting can extend or cancel the meeting and email invite will be updated for the attendees.
  • Administrators can view reports of annual and monthly occupancy of conference rooms and download these report to Excel.
  • Integration with ZOOM allows the host to create a meeting with virtual attendees along with the other in-house participants.  The meeting details will be shared over the Outlook calendar invite.
  • SMS integration sends the meeting details to attendees mobile numbers.