Craft Time on Tools


Plant managers strive to minimize operational inefficiencies resulting from reduced production time on the site's tools. Traditionally, external entities, such as consultancy firms, are often engaged to analyze site operations and offer improvement reports. However, this process is typically costly, time-consuming, and may lead to internal conflicts between staff and analysts. CTT, an innovative app, seeks to enhance site efficiency through self-audits, significantly reducing costs and mitigating potential frictions associated with third-party interventions.

Key Features & Functionality

The self-monitoring time on tool application is a comprehensive solution with key features for efficient operations and problem resolution. It offers 12 industry-standard time categories, root cause failure categories, and allows for site-to-site and unit-to-unit comparisons, as well as benchmarking against industry averages. The app includes a super team management system, real-time dashboard, and studies for craft and execution management. Detailed reporting for super teams and an executive manager's summary report provide insights for informed decision-making. Overall, the application is designed to enhance efficiency, mitigate problems, and facilitate sustainable improvements, reduce cost and event duration.

Benefits & Business Impact

The self-monitoring time on tool application is designed to enhance efficiency and problem resolution in the refinery industry. With features such as comprehensive data categories, comparative analysis, benchmarking, super team management, a real-time dashboard, and detailed reporting, the application provides insights for informed decision-making. It aims to optimize craft field execution, mitigate problems and delays, and foster sustainable improvements in refinery processes, ultimately reducing craft cost impact and improving outage duration.