Data Subject Access Request Management


Individuals have the right to ask an organisation whether or not they are using or storing their personal data. Organisations need robust, scalable solutions to process these requests, and manage individuals data in an efficient, timely manner. The Data Subject Access Request Management application allows organisations to manage Subject Access Requests from individuals that request a copy of their personal data and find out how that data, plus other supplementary data, is being processed .It revolves around the processing of SARs (Subject Access Requests) within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which includes consent withdrawal, data access requests, rectification, erasure of personal data, restriction of data processing, data portability, objection to personal data processing , and automated decisions and profiling.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Quick case resolution
    • The application is designed to allow Data Specialists to resolve cases effortlessly in a timely manner. It comes with a number of tools that ease the processing of a SAR including: uploading and management of documents; addition of quick comments; deadline auditing; creation of ad-hoc request tasks and the ability to send emails to case requestors and data subjects
  • Records
    • Hold detailed information about the case, data subject, category, documentation, comments, and deadlines
  • 3rd party request processing o Allows third parties to submit SARs for Data Subject individuals
  • Approval based workflow
    • Due diligence is performed by respective case owners for each stage.
    • Requests can be rejected or returned for more detail if the respective stage case owner is unsatisfied with request
  • Querying of information
    • Allows users to quickly email other users and data subjects, and leave comments to improve visibility
  • SLAs
    • Specify the response, resolution, and escalation times for any request, so that deadlines are met within request time constraints
    • Customer support is therefore provided in a timely fashion
    • The application enables admin users to manage all task list items and their respective SLA times
  • Reports
    • Reporting can indicate potential bottlenecks in during request fulfillment process
    • Tracking case requests by stage of process
    • Tracking volume of cases by month, insight into yearly SAR trends
  • Administrator Configuration
    • Application admins can configure section instructions, templates, master lookup data and SLAs to keep up with changes in regulations