Digital FNOL Utility

Claims intake is one of the most important customer touchpoints in Insurance. Customers who have had an auto accident or illness requiring a trip to the Emergency Room are already under significant stress. Claimants look for convenient ways to report the claim or an empathetic voice when they file the claim. As the World Insurance Report 2018 from Capgemini revealed, one way for insurers to put customers first is to improve digital agility across the customer touchpoints, including key steps in claims reporting and processing. Delivering the best experience here can convert a customer into a loyalist. The First Notice of Loss (FNOL), the first step in claims processing, is usually a call center-based service which requires extensive questions and data gathering. For many auto and small commercial carriers, this is mostly done manually, which increases a carrier’s operational costs.
Capgemini has built a transformative FNOL solution for Personal Auto and Small Commercial segments that brings industry leading customer experience, technology advancement and operational efficiency for insurers.

The Digital FNOL Utility allows for claim intake through digital and non-digital channels through:

  1. Call center application built on Appian ICC, integrated with Amazon Connect NL-IVR to facilitate automated data collection
  2. User-friendly front end app for end-users to report claims on their own

It provides an omni-channel platform with intuitive and human-centric customer journeys leveraging cutting-edge tech and Capgemini Global Services Delivery capabilities to deliver:

  • Industrialized contact-center operations
  • Integrated InsurTech capabilities including fraud check
  • Scalability for managing huge number of claims during storm season
  • High quality and fast claim preparation services
  • Transparency and control through a command center