Dynamic Case Management Framework

Many organisations rely on paper-based or manual processes to handle cases such as complaints or applications, resulting in several issues:

  • Backlogs are caused by manual processes, or by data residing in several systems, if the organisation has started to move beyond paper. The resulting delays lead to customer and staff dissatisfaction
  • Manual processes make it difficult to collaborate on and resolve a case
  • With data held on paper, in spreadsheets or in multiple systems, it is nearly impossible to achieve a unified view, leading to poor decision making
  • Lack of shared, accessible data is particularly challenging for field workers

Procensol’s Dynamic Case Management Framework enables any organisation to create and manage a wide variety of case types efficiently.

  • Prebuilt case workflows and rules: based on Procensol’s extensive experience in implementing case management solutions, the Framework includes case workflows and rules that can be readily used with or without additional configuration. The ability to create a case, assign tasks, configure system tasks, assess the case, view case information and report is delivered out of the box.
  • Ease of customisation: a data maintenance tool enables configuration of case types, status and priority, custom activities, activity assignment, case order, and names.
  • Collaboration enablers: features such as case notes, reminders and case alerts increase collaboration amongst case workers.
  • Advanced document management: manage and view documents associated with a case with capabilities such as uploading and managing documents, including version control; and configuring document type, sub-type and visibility.
  • User roles and security: configure out-of-the-box security with additional options.