Dynamic Document Generator


This version is for Appian 23.2 and above. Cloud customers on a lower version of Appian that want to install this plugin should open a support case. Self-managed customers can find the latest jar for Appian 23.1 and lower version in the folder pre-23.2

Convert, merge and generate DOCX, PDF and XML files automatically in an Appian process

Key Features & Functionality

  • PDF from single DOCX with Fonts
    • Convert multiple DOCX files into a single PDF. Please note that the translation from DOCX to PDF is not always 1:1. The template may need to be tweaked or simplified to achieve the desired results.
  • PDF from DOCX without Fonts
    • Convert multiple DOCX files into a single PDF. Please note that the translation from DOCX to PDF is not always 1:1. The template may need to be tweaked or simplified to achieve the desired results. This will not support fonts.
  • PDF from XSL-FO Transformation
    • Uses XSLT to convert an XML to XSL-FO which is then converted to PDF
  • PDF from HTML
    • Converts an HTML document into a single page PDF.
  • PDF from HTML Transformation
    • Uses XSLT to convert an XML to HTML which is then converted to PDF
  • Text Doc from XSLT
    • Uses XSLT to convert an XML to a plain text document (such as HTML, another XML doc, etc).
  • DOCX from XHTML With Styling
    • Converts a valid XHTML file into a DOCX, allowing you to provide your own template file for style reference. Useful for creating dynamic documents that are editable
  • DOCX Merge
    • Merges one or more DOCX files together. If a header or footer exists in any document, they will be removed during the merge process.
    • A configurable separator can be specified: none, line break or page break

Function: xsltransform - Transform source XML using XSL Transform

  • For transparency to our Community, we recently deleted a comment on this listing after working with the comment's author to understand the identified issue and ensure a Support case was In Progress/Complete. In this case, the current version of the plug-in has been updated recently to resolve any security concerns and we suggest that all customers update to the latest versions of the Appian platform and this plug-in. For future reference, we formally provide Knowledge Base articles on Appian Cloud and Appian Self-Managed vulnerability testing which provide guidance around the format for submission of a security inquiry:

    Alternatively, we encourage our customers/partners to report any issue by submitting a support case. For non-security related feedback, please try using the new reporting features on the right side of each AppMarket listing under the Feedback section for more expedient delivery to the listing's author.

  • It is planned a new version for this plugin?
    The heath check report is saying that is using deprecated API's.
    In a future this can be a problem. 

    "Dynamic Document Generator (DynamicDocumentGen) references deprecated Appian APIs
    [deprecated] com.appiancorp.suiteapi.content.ContentService.getInternalFilename(java.lang.Long)

  • Hello,

    Did you find a solution for this issue?

  • Hi gents,

    We are trying to use the PDF from Single DOCX (with Fonts) Smart Service to cater to the word document's Arabic language.

    Even with different font files, we weren't successful; the Arabic sections only show hash symbols instead of the actual text. We are not sure what the issue is; we are using the font files specified in the template document from Windows and attaching them to the smart service.

    Can you please provide support to check which Arabic font files are supported by the smart service?



  • v2.1.1 Release Notes
    • Updated guava library

  • As a follow up...do you know if there are any special characters or formatting the conversion might not like?

  • I have upgraded our DEV environment to version 2.1.0.  I was hoping the new version would help with an issue we currently have in all environments.  We are currently on version 23.1.  We are using the PDF from Multiple DOCX (no fonts) and it attempts to convert the file but on the output there is no file, we are getting this error:

     org.docx4j.openpackaging.exceptions.Docx4JException: Exception exporting package

  • Hello,

    I'm using docxncolumntable to generate a table for a word doc.  The table that gets created is too narrow to fit the page and requires manual readjustment of the table.

    The parameters for the function do not appear in the help screen. I checked the documentation provided with the plug in but there's no mention of the parameters used by docxncolumntable. Is there a way to get a list of the parameters supported by this function in order to adjust the table?

    Thank you.

  • After utilizing OWASP dependency-check, we have identified the following vulnerabilities (outlined below). Are there any plans in place to mitigate these CVEs?

    • CVE-2020-8908
    • CVE-2023-2976
  • v2.1.0 Release Notes
    • This is a migration of function that used to exist in the "XSL Transformation" , which is no longer listed on the Appian Appmarket**
    • Both plugins cannot exist on the same environment so first delete XSL Transformation before updating to the newest version of DDG
    • New Features:
    • New function: xsltransform