Dynamic Document Generator

Provides the following merging and conversion Smart Services:

  • PDF from DOCX
    • Convert multiple DOCX files into a single PDF. Please note that the translation from DOCX to PDF is not always 1:1. The template may need to be tweaked or simplified to achieve the desired results.
  • PDF from XSL-FO Transformation
    • Uses XSLT to convert an XML to XSL-FO which is then converted to PDF
  • PDF from HTML
    • Converts an HTML document into a single page PDF.
  • PDF from HTML Transformation
    • Uses XSLT to convert an XML to HTML which is then converted to PDF
  • Text Doc from XSLT
    • Uses XSLT to convert an XML to a plain text document (such as HTML, another XML doc, etc).
  • DOCX from XHTML
    • Converts a valid XHTML file into a DOCX. Useful for creating dynamic documents that are editable.
  • DOCX Merge
    • Merges one or more DOCX files together. If a header or footer exists in any document, they will be removed during the merge process.
    • A configurable separator can be specified: none, line break or page break
  • Hi James,

    We have used this smart service to convert a word document which is having 360+ pages to PDF and we are getting an error message "Exception exporting package".

    Can you please guide how to proceed on this?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Clinton Jackson Fernandes

  •  This plug-in uses a library called DOCX4J for the conversion which sometimes produces this error on very complex and large documents. The version of DOCX4J used in v1.5.1 of this plug-in fixes a number of these errors, however does not solve them completely.

  • Hi James,

    I could able to generate the DOCX using Doc from template and it is coming perfectly fine with the spaces, line breaks and paragraphs,

    But when i am trying to convert that to PDF using PDF from DOCX it is ignoring the line breaks and paragraphs . Also my document has Header and Footer which are not coming properly.

    Any Idea what can be done for this.

    the sample body which is passing into the ###body### in word is as follows

    ABC</w:t><w:br/><w:t>Sample Org</w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t>06/06/2018</w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t>Dear ABC</w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t>ABC</w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t>Our Reference: A-99000/123/456</w:t><w:br/><w:t>EN: 22-22-22-22</w:t><w:br/><w:t>Product: A-99000/231-01</w:t><w:br/><w:t>number: Protocol No -1</w:t><w:br/><w:t>Reason: This is the sample reason</w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t> this is to populate the values in word which is coming perfectly fine.

    But the end result is PDF.

  • Hi James,

    We are getting below error when we are trying to deploy it. Could you please help on this

    06:31:12,337 INFO  [stdout] (Appian Plugin Hot Deploy) 2018-09-10 06:31:12,337 [Appian Plugin Hot Deploy] ERROR com.appiancorp.plugins.LoggingPluginEventListener - Failed to enable Plug-in 'Dynamic Document Generator' (DynamicDocumentGen) version 1.5.1: 'There was a problem loading the module descriptor: TextDocFromXslt.<br/>com.appiancorp.suiteapi.common.exceptions.AppianRuntimeException: com.appiancorp.process.admin.IncompatibleSmartServiceRegistrationException: The Smart Service Module was invalid: Illegal attempt to change the data type for smart service DynamicDocumentGen.TextDocFromXslt, input or output named XslParameters (APNX-1-4104-005)'

  • James,

    Do we have any solution for the deployment issue mentioned by Bhaskar

  • @Bhaskar - what version of the plugin do you currently have deployed? What version are you trying to update to?

  • v1.6.1 (11/26/18) - Fixed the bug that would throw unrelated error for missing properties file.

  • Hi James,

    We are using PDF From Docx, plugin we are using special characters to be present in the word and converting them into Pdf. but some of the special characters are not coming as expected but coming as # which is not been recognized... is there any solution for this....

  • Hey Everyone - I'm attempting to use the PDF from HTML Smart Service with a very simple HTML file that includes a base64-encoded image:



    <div>Image from String: <img src="data:image/jpeg;base64,<MY IMAGE DATA>"/></div>



    The image is not displaying correctly in the generated PDF. Using the img tag with an internet-available page is also failing. Any advice?

  • Hi James,

    the Special characters are not properly appearing when we are trying to convert from word to PDF using pdf from Docx. could you please help us in this