Dynamic Document Generator

Provides the following merging and conversion Smart Services:

  • PDF from DOCX
    • Convert multiple DOCX files into a single PDF. Please note that the translation from DOCX to PDF is not always 1:1. The template may need to be tweaked or simplified to achieve the desired results.
  • PDF from XSL-FO Transformation
    • Uses XSLT to convert an XML to XSL-FO which is then converted to PDF
  • PDF from HTML
    • Converts an HTML document into a single page PDF.
  • PDF from HTML Transformation
    • Uses XSLT to convert an XML to HTML which is then converted to PDF
  • Text Doc from XSLT
    • Uses XSLT to convert an XML to a plain text document (such as HTML, another XML doc, etc).
  • DOCX from XHTML
    • Converts a valid XHTML file into a DOCX. Useful for creating dynamic documents that are editable.
  • DOCX Merge
    • Merges one or more DOCX files together. If a header or footer exists in any document, they will be removed during the merge process.
    • A configurable separator can be specified: none, line break or page break
  • Hi James,

    We have used this smart service to convert a word document which is having 360+ pages to PDF and we are getting an error message "Exception exporting package".

    Can you please guide how to proceed on this?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Clinton Jackson Fernandes

  •  This plug-in uses a library called DOCX4J for the conversion which sometimes produces this error on very complex and large documents. The version of DOCX4J used in v1.5.1 of this plug-in fixes a number of these errors, however does not solve them completely.

  • Hi James,

    I could able to generate the DOCX using Doc from template and it is coming perfectly fine with the spaces, line breaks and paragraphs,

    But when i am trying to convert that to PDF using PDF from DOCX it is ignoring the line breaks and paragraphs . Also my document has Header and Footer which are not coming properly.

    Any Idea what can be done for this.

    the sample body which is passing into the ###body### in word is as follows

    ABC</w:t><w:br/><w:t>Sample Org</w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t>06/06/2018</w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t>Dear ABC</w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t>ABC</w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t>Our Reference: A-99000/123/456</w:t><w:br/><w:t>EN: 22-22-22-22</w:t><w:br/><w:t>Product: A-99000/231-01</w:t><w:br/><w:t>number: Protocol No -1</w:t><w:br/><w:t>Reason: This is the sample reason</w:t><w:br/><w:t></w:t><w:br/><w:t> this is to populate the values in word which is coming perfectly fine.

    But the end result is PDF.

  • Hi James,

    We are getting below error when we are trying to deploy it. Could you please help on this

    06:31:12,337 INFO  [stdout] (Appian Plugin Hot Deploy) 2018-09-10 06:31:12,337 [Appian Plugin Hot Deploy] ERROR com.appiancorp.plugins.LoggingPluginEventListener - Failed to enable Plug-in 'Dynamic Document Generator' (DynamicDocumentGen) version 1.5.1: 'There was a problem loading the module descriptor: TextDocFromXslt.<br/>com.appiancorp.suiteapi.common.exceptions.AppianRuntimeException: com.appiancorp.process.admin.IncompatibleSmartServiceRegistrationException: The Smart Service Module was invalid: Illegal attempt to change the data type for smart service DynamicDocumentGen.TextDocFromXslt, input or output named XslParameters (APNX-1-4104-005)'

  • James,

    Do we have any solution for the deployment issue mentioned by Bhaskar

  • @Bhaskar - what version of the plugin do you currently have deployed? What version are you trying to update to?

  • v1.6.1 (11/26/18) - Fixed the bug that would throw unrelated error for missing properties file.