Encryption Functions


Allows for the encryption and decryption of text data using symmetric AES encryption. This plug-in uses standard Java cryptography functions to expose expression functions for the encryption and decryption of data using AES.

Key Features & Functionality


  • encryptvalue(): Encrypt plain text data using an AES encryption key stored in the Secure Credentials Store
  • decryptvalue(): Decrypt encrypted text data using an AES encryption key stored in the Secure Credentials Store


  • Supports up to 256-bit AES keys when JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy is enabled
  • Backwards compatible with older versions of Java lacking support for >128-bit encryption keys
  • Dear Community,

    I am doing a little test of the Encryption Functions plugin.

    My ultimate target is to encrypt certain text, save it to the database, and be able to decrypt it back on the user interfaces.

    To test the functionality I did a small test. First box is saving encrypted text to the rule input, and second box is decrypting it and show.
    Unfortunately, instead receiving the string 'Test', I am receiving another string of characters to what was saved into the rule input.

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help,

    Best Regards,

  • I forgot to add that I am using default systemkey and fieldkey for the test purposes.

  • Hi , glad you got it resolved. You are correct in that using a!encryptedTextField() is only supported with the native encryption APIs using the Appian generated key. The Encryption Functions plug-in needs to always be used with regular text fields and other components.

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