EUC Remediation Framework


End User Computing can be defined as a system which employees create desktop based working applications beyond the SDLC which are not part of core IT systems managed by the enterprise. EUC applications (like MS Excel, Access etc.) have been essential part of many financial operations in Financial services industry & allows end users to manage, control and manipulate data quickly and efficiently.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Input and Output integration – Ability to integrate directly with upstream and downstream systems to enable data to be sourced without any human intervention. This ensures data integrity
  • User Access Management – Ability to integrate with corporate LDAP to ensure role/group-based access to EUCs
  • Workflow – Each EUC is unique in nature and has its own process flow. Dynamic Workflow module provides the ability to configure the EUC process flow without any development effort
  • Extract Transform Load – Ability to take various types of files like excel, csv as both input and generate output in a format required by upstream systems
  • Compliance – Ensure compliance to regulatory requirements.

Benefits & Business Impact

  • 100% configurable no code development
  • 30-50% faster than traditional approaches for remediating EUCs
  • 30-40% reduced SME time during the remediation process
  • Up to 60% reduction in time to add/modify existing EUCs

 2022 Solution Success Award Winner
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