Events Planner and Tracker


Planning and coordinating events can be tricky and difficult to track every details of the event. With the help of the Events Planner and Tracker (EPT) application you can coordinate events, report expenses, budget negotiations, reimbursement to employees within the one platform. Our application gives you a new experience while handling event planning where you can plan and track everything so easy and without any hassle with the unique features and filters of the application.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Provides the human resource (HR) team and event planners a platform to manage an event.
  • Allows finance team members to review the budget sent by the planner and give them the ability to approve or decline with annotation.
  • When the finance team member declines the budget for the event, they can propose a new budget. The event planner has the ability to accept or negotiate.
  • Allows the HR team and event planner to postpone the event.
  • Allows the creator and HR team to send out surveys to all attendees of the event.
  • All the attendees and event planner can upload receipts/invoices to the EPT application in order to receive the reimbursement after the event.
  • Detailed reports for the events are available to study and compare with the past events that have occurred using multiple applicable filters.
  • Track the progress of the event through the milestone in the event summary.

Benefits & Business Impact

EPT allows an organization and their employees to create a successful event taking everyone’s opinion into account. Event coordinators can create and manage events with functions such as view a list of confirmed attendants, create and submit the surveys, manage the budget approval, view insight into event data of past years, postpone events, archive events and cancel events with minimal hassle and miscommunication.