Execute Stored Procedure

**NOTE: This plug-in is deprecated and no longer recommended for use for sites running on Appian 22.1 or later. The functionality of this component is available in Appian without installing the plug-in. You can use a!executeStoredProcedureForQuery(), a!executeStoredProcedureOnSave(), or the Execute Stored Procedure Smart Service in Appian 22.1 or later.**


This plug-in provides a Smart Service and Function for executing stored procedures. The Smart Service can be used to execute stored procedures that modify data. Result sets are returned as CDTs. As custom functions cannot have side-effects, it must not be used to execute stored procedures that modify data. It is only safe to use the Smart Service with stored procedures that modify data. Following SQL Statements should not be used by the stored procedures executed with the function:

  • SELECT... INTO (when the input target is not an input or output variable)

Key Features & Functionality

  • Works with both complex and simple data types
  • Tested with: MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle
  • See the instructions document provided with the download for an example and how to configure
  • (New) Total row count column added to trace log