FitNesse for Appian

FitNesse for Appian is a client-side tool that makes it easy to create automated tests on the Appian platform. Create test scripts that will run Appian as if a user was clicking through the application and filling out data. FitNesse for Appian includes easy instructions to get you started.

With FitNesse for Appian, you can:

  • Write easy-to-read wiki language tests for Appian applications
  • Speed up testing times
  • Set up reusable regression tests

Reusable scripts can be written to:

  • Create new packages
  • Move them to different stages in the workflow
  • Check that forms are being populated correctly

The tool also features multiple browser support for Chrome and Firefox.

See the Appian Playbook for further documentation:

  • Hi, I got FitnesseForAppian installed with version 19.2 and I see issue with get form title, verify milestone interface. Is there any issue raised to fix this? Looks like the issue is with Xpath and not sure any one noticed it?

  • Hi there. Apologies for the late response. My team is now responsible for supporting FitNesseForAppian and I have worked on it extensively this quarter.

    As for the first part of your question, yes we do accomodate new Appian releases. We release a FitNesseForAppian version alongside every Appian release with support for all the new features!

    For the second part of your question, we don't have an explicit method for selecting an item from the hierarchyBrowserFieldColumns but our methods are pretty general so a similar method might work. We can investigate that for you. We have several validation methods. You can CTRL +  F for "validation" in the CheatSheet within the tool and see if any of them work for you. "verifyFieldContainsValidationMessage" might work for your needs.

    Let us know if you have any more questions and we can try to help you out

  • Is this going to be updated in order to accommodate for the new appian releases. Like being able to select an item from the hierarchyBrowserFieldColumns or validate instructional text?