FORMation - Dynamic Survey and Exam Form Builder


Whether we discuss the multiple initial screening processes for new hires and various internal job postings, or the organizing surveys to gather feedback from various departments and teams within the organization, all these scenarios involve multiple manual steps. These steps include reaching out to different departments to get relevant question banks for the number of exams, seeking approval from respective managers for scheduling screening, facilitating screening exams, and then following the time consuming manual process to deliver results. Additionally, managing the data records of questions, exams, and surveys across distinct departments and teams poses a significant challenge.

Key Features & Functionality

  1. An end-to-end online solution for conducting various screening exams and surveys across multiple locations through a single online application
  2. An unified application for maintaining survey checklist and exam question banks across various departments within the organization
  3. Approval processes across different departments for both checklists and question banks to review quality of questions
  4. Scheduling exams/surveys with specified SLAs and conducting them by distributing secure links over email notifications
  5. System-generated accurate result announcements by single click email notifications and downloading results in PDF formats
  6. Automated email notifications for the administration of exams and surveys
  7. Reporting and dashboard functionalities for executives for providing insights categorized by departments and various categories
  8. Flexibility for candidates to appear for exam or submit survey as per convenient time within scheduled time period

Benefits & Business Impact

  1. Generic and scalable solution which can be used by small or large organizations across the industries.
  2. Centralized management of data pertaining (question banks) to all exams and surveys
  3. Efficient time and cost savings to conduct organization wide exams and surveys
  4. A secure examination and survey process ensuring authenticity of results
  5. Time flexibility to candidate for appearing for exam or survey
  6. A single online solution catering to various departments and locations within an organization