Full Calendar with Event Scheduling


The Full Calendar editor component can be used on Appian screens for applications where we want to show the events/jobs/tasks/reminders or anything that requires planning in a calendar format to the end User. It has different views (day/week /month).

Note: As this Plugin requires the paid library of the Full calendar, Please refer the link for purchasing the license.


Key Features & Functionality

  • This function helps us to create events, reschedule existing events on a calendar format also through drag and drop options.
  • This gives the developer control whether the events can be edited or not.
  • This also provides us a quick way to navigate to any day using the GoToDate feature.
  • To view the detailed information on any event we can click on the particular event, which pops-up with all the information.
  • To set start datetime limit and end datetime limit for individual events. It will take effect while dragging or resizing the event beyond the given limits.