The HTML to PDF smart service can be used to convert an HTML file into a PDF file with all styles and formatting.
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  • OneDrive Connected System

    Upload, list existing files, and create folders from Appian.
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  • TalentHall

    Automate & manage all the stages of recruitment journey including sourcing, screening, selection and onboarding
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  • PDF Utilities

    Smart services: Header and Footer, Add Image, Watermark Text, Rotate Page, Merge, Add Page Number in PDF
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  • Excel Utility

    Copy or merge Excel sheets between workbooks
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  • Advanced Rich Text Editor Connected System (Vuram)

    Allows users of Advanced Rich Text Editor (Vuram) to upload images and store them in Appian document management system.
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  • VATT - Vuram Automation Testing Tool

    VATT is developed using an intelligent hybrid framework to achieve automation for the Appian applications.
  • MSG File Reader

    The MSG File Reader smart service can be used to read the MSG file.
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  • Outlook Email Poller

    Read and copy all the unread emails of your Outlook account.
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  • EML/MSG Conversion

    Contains 2 smart services: EML/MSG to HTML document and EML/MSG to PDF document
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  • PGP Encryption Utilities

    Smart service for encrypting, signing, verifying and decrypting files using PGP
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  • Timer Component

    Provides stopwatch-like functionality on an Appian screen
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