Fund Document Automation (FDA)


The successful management of fund documents is highly complex, highly regulated, and requires many separate parties to maintain close collaboration and visibility. Today, many asset managers have a low efficiency, non-compliant process with valuable data hidden or lost across hundreds, sometimes thousands of documents. Regulation changes also require mass document updates which currently must be manually carried out.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Advanced, self service clause, template and document library. Build clauses, create templates using clauses, and select a template to begin the document creation process.
  • Automated, or semi-automated updates to the entire library of current and historic documents.
  • Easily orchestrate annual review processes to ensure continued regulatory compliance.
  • Dynamic and intuitive document creation and review, with intelligent logic to automatically assign appropriate clauses and to populate clauses with document specific details.
  • A controlled clause library to ensure documents contain clauses in line with the latest regulations and are consistent in wording.
  • A range of account types with varying levels of access, permissions and security, including secure access for third parties.
  • Advanced auditing, rich reporting and smart search to easily and swiftly identify clauses, templates & documents.

Benefits & Business Impact

A structured yet easily adaptable, data-centric document generation and management solution that:

  • Has an unlimited clause, template and document library, and provides the quick generation of highly complex legal documents.
  • Ensures documents are structured, consistent and controlled. Clauses are mapped to documents ensuring traceability.
  • Enables ultra efficient automatic updates to live and drafted documents, meaning documents can be bulk updated to comply with new regulations.
  • Tracks complete transparency and traceability allowing for advanced auditing to ensure continued regulatory compliance.
  • Provides a centralised view that easily allows all parties to collaborate inside a single platform that is specifically designed for your business needs.
  • Generates analytics to enable effective data driven business management, and tracks results against custom SLAs.
  • Can be seamlessly adapted to your business needs and processes.