GenAI Tool - Email Generator


The Email Generator Connected System allows developers to generate email content with the help of OpenAI services. It allows users to choose the length and the tone of the message with options ranging from Formal, Friendly, Casual, and Extra Casual.

After entering their OpenAI or Azure OpenAI credentials into this connected system, developers can generate, edit, approve, and send emails directly through Appian. This documentation outlines the process of obtaining these credentials within the Appian platform as well as how to best use this plug-in’s accompanying sample application.

Note: This AI Tool can utilize external LLMs such as OpenAI and Azure OpenAI. As with all plug-ins, data sent to these external organizations is subject to the external organization's security policies, procedures, and pricing. Please check with your administrator and your organization's AI policy before sending any sensitive information to external services.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Generate, customize, edit, and send emails
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