GMail Connected System


The purpose is to provide an easy-to-use way to collect emails from a GMail account using an integration instead of an email poller. It is not intended for processing high volumes of emails. The target when building this Connected System was up to 250 emails per hour.

Key Features & Functionality

The Connected System allows you to authenticate using a service account against a GMail server inbox.

With that connection you have the following features available:

  • Get a list of messageIds for messages that are in the Inbox and are Unread
  • Get a message by its Id and get all data (like body, recipients, threadId, etc.)
  • Send a message (either new or as a reply to an existing message)
Parents Comment
  • Hi there, thank you for responding. Actually we were using this connected system from past 1 year and it seems to be working perfectly fine up until the latest release/Update 0n 18 August 2023,After that we have started getting below error when we try to fetch emails.

    The connected system has successfully tested the connection but the Gmail connected system integrations shows error regarding authentication. pics are attached in below comment for reference.

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