Google AutoML Tables Connected System

Note: This Appian plug-in uses a legacy version of the Google AutoML service, which Google has deprecated. After Google shuts down these services, the Google Cloud AutoML connected system plug-in and the Google AutoML Tables connected system plug-in will no longer function in any version of Appian. Customers who need to continue meeting these use cases will need to contract with Google directly and build an HTTP integration to leverage new services, such as Google Vertex AI.


Google AutoML Tables Connected System plug-in provides a way to use Google's Table Analytics capabilities to make predictions on structured data and keep models up to date.

Key Features & Functionality

The plug-in provides a wide range of functionality including:

  • Creating a dataset
  • Importing data into a dataset (supports import from Google Storage or Google Big Data)
  • Get process status
  • Get table metadata
  • Setting a target column for prediction
  • Updating a column configuration
  • Creating and training a model from a dataset
  • Publishing and unpublishing a model
  • Making a prediction
  • Getting and listing evaluation metrics for a model
  • Listing datasets and models
  • Deleting datasets and models
  • Getting target column id
  • Getting and setting weight columns

NOTE: Training and prediction cost money and require a GCP account with a service account enabled for billing in order to use these services. Training data must be loaded into Google Storage that MUST have US-Central1 as its region.